photo Jo Crawford 2023


A selection of new silkscreen prints I have been making over the last few years. Most of them are available to buy in my shop, (link to my shop in the headings above), please get on touch if you have any questions. If there is something you can’t see, please send me a message. 


It’s been really enjoyable working in collage recently, I love it’s immediacy. 
There’s a structure to printing that collage just doesn’t have. Collage has been a bit of an effortless, or rather a more intuitive process. I like feeling my way around a space, using fragments and leftovers to build something new. Each collage is about balance of colour and the interactions of the shapes within the rectangle. Re-ordering pieces becomes the subject itself.
It’s a new way of working for me; a kind of thinking on top of words, working over the pages of books at the end of their lives. Something more spontaneous and recycled.

Playing around on old book covers and arranging them with simple prints on paper. This selection of four are available for sale. Please just drop me a message for more info.

screenprints and collage on larger antique pages. (bottom right is smaller, 30 x 24cm available for sale in my shop) 2024    

above ‘Cast Adrift’ and ‘Fell’s Bridge’ 2024, 34 x 45cm

‘Yesterday’s Finds’ top left – ‘Pink Leaves’ top right and ‘Nature Table’ right – Paper size – 80 x 63cm – available to buy in my shop. 

I feel I have gone off on a slight tangent, working out of my comfort zone to make these. All are the same size and made to mix and match together.  

The nature table has been part of my life since childhood. Leaves, acorns, seed heads, petals, shells and feathers all found, saved and treasured. Displaying objects and spending time arranging them carefully on a table top. In primary school it was a trip down Pilling Lane, and finding my first oak apple that got me hooked.

Through the years, I had continued to collect and keep anything interesting on walks. I love riversides and beaches, but living nowhere near one I tend to pick up leaves and seeds. My new body of work (more coming), brings out the essence of the nature table, where earthy forms and pretty pastels sit on simple table tops and cloths.

‘Under Cover’ 2024, 34 x 45cm   –    ‘Garden of Shadows’ and ‘Outside the Walls’ 2023,  40 x 32cm

‘Treasure Hunting’ – a book made from some of my beginnings… (screenprints and collaged prints on old pages).

I nice way to show works side by side, and to see the interaction between shapes and space.

Recently chosen for the R.E’s Diploma Collection at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

above ‘Tuft’ (SOLD)  –   ‘This way and that’  (SOLD)-  ‘A sense of Symmetry’

 ‘One of a kind’ Silkscreen prints on old book covers. 

Top – a selection of new screenprints and collage on old pages and book covers.

Centre – ‘Side by Side’ and ‘Sitting quietly. These are available over in my shop along with three other very recent ones, pictured on the bottom row.

‘From Another Direction’, ‘From and Window’ and ‘Ha-Ha’ (sold)

Above  ‘Inside the walls ‘ & ‘A Place to Walk’ two new donated editions made for the collection at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 

Both prints are for sale exclusively through them, and all proceeds go to the up keep of the park, and future exhibitions.

The rectangular works below are made spontaneously alongside making prints on paper. They are unplanned and evolve almost by themselves. Even though most of my work comes from things seen in the landscape, these recent pieces seem to flow from other work. I love to try out different textures through hand-drawn stencils to add subtle details and add extra layers of colour. This is something I don’t see changing, as my interest is growing towards pattern.

All above now SOLD

(Below) Some of the larger works made for the show at the Yorkshire Scultpure Park.

Over sixty works in my largest show to date. Most now available in my shop

(left) ‘Into the Forest’ 95 x 71cm screenprint and conte crayon on Fabriano. (middle)  ‘Touching’ 80 x 62cm. (right)  ‘In the Sand’ 95 x 71cm. (Bottom left) – ‘Sitting Still’ 95 x 71cm screenprint on Fabriano.

Above, ‘Up They Sprung’ and ‘On a Morning like this’, 95 x 71 cm, screenprints on Fabriano 2023

Top ‘Underfoot’ 50 x 32 cm, shown next to a unique print on two old book pages

‘In The Shade’ shown here with others from the series. ‘Happy Together’ right. All are available in my shop. 38 x 30cm, handmade original screenprints on Fabriano

Two new editions of handmade screenprints – ‘Frosted Panes’ & ‘Three Pebbles’ , 40 x 50cm

Above a selection of collages with print on old pages. All SOLD


‘Cornfield Walk’, (above left), 52 x 42cm, screenprint on Fabriano

‘Something to Keep’, (above right) 60 x 60cm, I have both variations available over in my shop.  

Three above now SOLD 

Top left (now sold). A selection of these are currently being exhibited and sold at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and available through them.

Bottom left ‘White Moon’  An original handmade four colour screenprint with white conte crayon
Edition of 30 . sold unframed
Made on finest quality Fabriano 100% cotton paper (285gsm).
Signed, numbered, titled and dated in pencil

‘White Moon’ –        Paper size: 44.5 x 36 –        Image size: 25.5 x 33.5cm 

A new series of work for 2022. 

‘Sticks and Stones’, (above left)  ’52 x 40cm, silkscreen print on Fabriano, edition size 30.

Stencils in my studio on the right.

Centre – ‘November Day’, 52 x 42 cm, silkscreen print on Fabriano, edition 10. 

right – ‘Still’, 52 x 42 cm,  silkscreen print on Fabriano, edition 20.  – available in my shop.

bottom right – ‘Where They Meet’ available at the YSP.

Autumn Collection II 

I have made two new prints ‘Autumn Scarlet’ & ‘Autumn Walnut’ to add to existing prints made last year, to make a lovely set of four. They are also available individually.


A series of 38 x 30cm silkscreen prints inspired by the colours of my daughters precious stone collection.  From top left – ‘Tumblestones’ – ‘Rumple’ – ‘Wiggle II’ – ‘Dreamstone ‘ – Darkstone’  &  ‘Moonstones’ 

‘Weathered Pink’ & ‘Nature of a Curve’ 71 x 71cm

These have selected for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition 2021, starting September 22nd.


Left above – My little ones are expanding…some new, some old. The full set is available in my shop, or sold individually. 

On the right above ‘Grey Curve’  71 x 71cm. Also available in my shop.

Above left – ‘Chasing Curves / grey – 60 x 60cm. 

Top left ‘Spring Drawing’, 60 x 60cm  –  Top right ‘Chasing Curves’ 60 x 60cm   –  ‘Long Light’ 38 x 30cm (centre bottom), shown with ‘Close’ (right).

Screenprints on found paper, (except top centre). I’m slowly adding to a collection of spontaneous prints, made as by-products of other work.They’re becoming a kind of visual diary to help inspire new pieces. It would be lovely to exhibit these alongside my larger pieces.

‘First Light’ (middle above), is available to buy. 60 x 60cm – screenprint on Fabriano.  

 ‘Linear Drawing No4’  (now in blue, green and black )

‘Linear Drawing  No 24 (charcoal grey)
Paper size: 100 x 70cm
Image size – 78 x 56cm

Original screenprints on Fabriano Rosapina 100% cotton paper (285gsm).
Numbered, signed, titled and dated in pencil at the bottom . Edition of 10 & 15.

‘Tumbled’ and ‘Frosted panes’  are two new 76 x 56cm screenprints I have made this year 2021.

 • 76 x 56cm • silkscreen prints on Fabriano • Something calm to start off the year inspired by recent collages on found paper. (below) 

Above – a small selection of  screenprints and collages on found paper ~ I have been assembling a visual diary of colour and new beginnings. New chapters here we come. 

‘Nowhere to Nowhere’ 42 x 35cm  –  ‘Nature of a Curve’ 71 x 71cm

‘Drift’ – ‘Whisper’ – ‘Beneath The Pines’ – ‘Catch The Wind’

‘Paper Leaves’   –  ‘Winter Garden’  –  ‘Good Luck’  –  ‘Drawing on Stone’  –  ‘Orange Flower’  –  ‘Winter Garden/yellow’ 

  all  31 x 31cm. Original silkscreen prints on Fabriano

‘Eroded II’ – ‘Worn’ – ‘Wash Away’ pink

‘In The Sand’ grey – ‘Paper Shadows’ – ‘From Above’ (Olive)

‘Green Beneath’ – ‘Blue Beneath’ – ‘Eroded’

‘Wash Away’ orange – ‘Trace’ ‘In The Sand’ black

‘Quiet Place’ below, 60 x 60cm  Screenprint on Fabriano

Below : ‘Weave’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Panel’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Round Up’ 47 x 35cm

‘Empty’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Round and Round’ 70 x 70cm -Drawing Near’ 95 x 70cm

‘Shelter’ 95 x 70cm – ‘Nook’ 36 x 24cm – ‘Tinker’ 36 x 24cm