These are just a small selection of new silkscreen prints I have been making over the last 12 months. Most of them are available to buy, please get on touch if you have any questions. Also my shop will be up and running soon where they will be available too.   

‘Nowhere to Nowhere’ 42 x 35cm  –  ‘Nature of a Curve’ 71 x 71cm

‘Paper Leaves’   –  ‘Winter Garden’  –  ‘Good Luck’  –  ‘Drawing on Stone’  –  ‘Orange Flower’  –  ‘Winter Garden/yellow’ 

  all  31 x 31cm. Original silkscreen prints on Fabriano

‘Eroded II’ – ‘Worn’ – ‘Wash Away’ pink

‘In The Sand’ grey – ‘Paper Shadows’ – ‘From Above’ (Olive)

‘Green Beneath’ – ‘Blue Beneath’ – ‘Eroded’

‘Wash Away’ orange – ‘Trace’ ‘In The Sand’ black

‘Tinker’, 36 x 24cm Screenprint on Fabriano

‘Quiet Place’ below, 60 x 60cm  Screenprint on Fabriano

Below : ‘Weave’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Panel’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Round Up’ 47 x 35cm

‘Empty’ 40 x 50cm – ‘Round and Round’ 70 x 70cm -Drawing Near’ 95 x 70cm

‘Shelter’ 95 x 70cm – ‘Nook’ 36 x 24cm – ‘Tinker’ 36 x 24cm