New Work – Emma Lawrenson


‘In The Sand’ – ‘Eroded II’ – ‘From Above (Olive)’ – ‘Paper Shadows’

‘Blue Beneath’ – ‘Wash Away’ – ‘In The Sand (grey/blue)’ – ‘Worn’

‘Tinker’, 36 x 24cm Screenprint on Fabriano

‘Quiet Place’ below, 60 x 60cm  Screenprint on Fabriano

Round & Round, 60 x 60cm  Screenprint on Fabriano

Gathering 50 x 40 cm  Screenprint on Fabriano

Golden Sun, 50 x 40cm screenprint on Fabriano

Blue Moon, 50 x 40cm, screenprint on Fabriano

new organics

orange nest framed
A set of four handmade, original silkscreen prints in pretty colours.
The bottom photo gives an idea of framing.
I like to go for pale or painted wood so that the frame doesn’t compete with the colours of the print.  
Circular forms and organic shapes on beautiful Italian Fabriano paper inspired by the landscape. 
Available now, £215 for the full set or £55 individually. I ship worldwide  
Round up

Round Up, 2019, screenprint in seventeen colours on Fabriano, 43 x 34cm available £220

drawing near

Drawing Near, 2019, edition 10, screenprint on Fabriano, 97 x 70cm available

Shelter, 2019, edition 10, screenprint on Fabriano, 97 x 70cm availableEmpty

Empty, 2019, screenprint on Fabriano, 50 x 40cm, available £220

round up angles

A small selection of newish work.

small printed drawings 2018

24 x 19 cm paper size each. Handmade original screenprints – Set available on Etsy 

Green over blue and bubblegum

‘Green over Blue’ & ‘Bubblegum’ 30 x 40cm 

‘Tangerine’, ‘Bubblegum’ & Wiggle 30 x 40cm 

Flow held

Flow, 76 x 56cm. Screenprint on Fabriano Rosaspina, 2018

‘Chance’  & ‘Seam’ 71 x 71cm, screenprints on Fabriano Rosapsina, 2018, edition 15.

Two Loops, Eroded and Where it Lies, all 57 x 45cm

Big Blue on wall

‘Big Blue’ 76 x 56cm, screenprint Fabriano Rosapsina, 2018, edition 20.

Peep and slice

 ‘Peep’ and ‘Slice’ 2018. 47 x 35cm. Both selected for the Royal Academy Summer exhibition 2018.



Roll, Screenprint on Fabriano, edition 12 2018 58 x 45cm


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Emma Lawrenson

07974 931 851

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire