me-working-20161992 – 1996 University of Reading BA Fine Art.
1996 – 1998 Royal College of Art London, MA Printmaking

Welcome to my web site which shows a range of my limited edition original silk screen prints, along with news about forthcoming and past exhibitions and links to buy my work. 

I’m a full time printmaker, I gained a BA in Fine Art from the University of Reading in 1996 and an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 1998. My work is exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and in Europe, often as a part of solo or mixed exhibitions, and my work is sold worldwide.

My expertise and knowledge of printmaking spans over 20 years and during this time I have won several awards, exhibited in many exhibitions including the Royal Academy.

Each piece of work is hand printed, sometimes in up to 18 colours using traditional techniques. This is a very labour intensive process requiring each colour to be printed individually, left to dry and then the next layer of colour printed. Some of the prints are finished with pencil or conte crayon.  

My work has appeared in many magazines including ‘Vogue’, ‘House and Gardens’, ‘Art Review’, ‘Country Living’, ’25 Beautiful Homes’ amongst others. I even have work on film and television sets in America, including MAD MEN. In 2019, Paramount pictures are using my work for the set of Instant Family.


My work stems from observations made in my surrounding landscape; observations of shapes, spaces, textures and colours.

These are initially recorded as photographs, small sketches or collages and undergo a series of fine-tuning once back in the studio before being translated into prints. The finished prints are a result of paring down through a process of subtracting elements and cropping, or the opposite; re-building and inventing new compositions from found elements. The emphasis of the work becomes wholly about shape, colour, proportion, scale and balance.

The process of screen printing and the time it takes to build up a final image is what holds the beauty of a piece; it’s a fundamental part of its soul. My prints may look ‘designed’, but are often rather intuitively and organically made. They frequently change along the way, colours are tweaked and compositions altered.

Drawing goes hand in hand with the screen printing process. Combining the two enables me to produce smooth, crisp images in which I can explore shape and form through the layering of colours, textures, stripes and painterly marks.

I strive to create something beautiful and understated in my work, and I have always been drawn to work that feels calm.

My work has evolved over the past few years, as I have become more and more drawn to the textures of the rural landscape which is part of my everyday life. I am very much inspired by surface; its patterns, textures, layers and colours. Recent works are weighted mainly towards a hand drawn element; scraping, scratching and combining different textural surfaces within each print.

For recent exhibitions and news please visit the ‘News’ page.

pinning work

Emma’s unwavering commitment to the art of silkscreen printmaking has resulted in a fine-tuned ability to produce countless artistic successes.’

‘Emma’s creations are tapping in to an area of calming beauty through the harmony of shape and colour, where the work she has created is immediate and simplicity is everything’

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Royal Academy of Art

 I have had work selected three times out of the last four years, and am currently working on new pieces for 2018. In 2014 I was also invited to exhibit at the Royal Academy of Art in Yorkshire.


Six of my large screenprints were used for this show apartment in Covent Garden, London. I regularly work with interior designers from all over the world.

apartment 3

(photograph courtesy Edward Philips Interiors)


(photograph courtesy of Sue Emmett)

Publications; Art Review, Vogue, Country Living, House & Garden, 25 Beautiful Homes, Homes and Gardens, Good Homes Magazine, Bridge For Design, London Evening Standard.

UK & Europe

Virgin Altlantic
Edward Philips Interiors
Catherine Wilman Interiors
Fawn Art Consultancy
International Art Consultancy
Narcissus Art Consultancy
Ink Art Consultancy,
London ArtPress,
London  Mylo Art
Rachel Winham Interior Design, London
Decoroom, London
Joanna Wood Interiors, London
Totty Lowther interiors, Penrith
Havill & Designs, London
Crabtree & Crabtree, Northumberland

USA & beyond

NBC Universal – television and film (Mad Men, Parenthood) 
Paramount Pictures – film
Denomination, Australia
Serena and Lily, California
Eaton Fine arts, Texas
Meyer Davis Studio, New York
Curio Design Studio, Texas
Giles- Parscale Interior Design, Texas
Lendrum Fine Art, LA, USA
Gauthier Stacy INC, Boston
USA Riesco & Lapres Interiors, Vancover
Paige Kelly Interior Design, CA, USA
Soho Myriad Art Consulting, Altlanta,Georgia, USA
Ellyson Browne Interiors, NY
Interculture Art Inc, Japan
Catherine Krall, CK Interiors, New York

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07974 931 851

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire

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